Project Logistics

FMi Logistics is committed to creating and delivering customized solutions for our clients in the areas of transportation, distribution and warehousing.

Our team of experienced professionals will integrate our services with your Purchasing/Freight/Construction or other departments and complete a cost conscious plan based on your requirements to make the experience painless by taking the time to coordinate the details for you.


FMi is well known in the EPCM [Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management] market for providing timely and detail-oriented services in a variety of large-scale, multi-faceted projects. We have the experience to provide the services you require.

Our Integrated Logistics services include:


What Clients Are Saying

“FMI Logistics has more than demonstrated their willingness to share in our service belief and ensure customer satisfaction is not just a common phrase but actually a strategy for success. ”
Director of Operations, Latin & North America, Fortune 500 company, Retail Hardware Supply
“I would recommend FMi to anyone in need of off-site storage & shipping.Working with FMi is essentially identical to simply communicating with another department of your own business, but without the additional costs and responsibilities of more staff, building costs, equipment costs and so on. ”
Manager—Global leader of service provider to commercial aquatic facilities
“FMi continues to be our eyes and ears as our transport partner in moving over 4 million pounds annually. I would highly recommend FMi to anyone. ”
Operations Manager—Industry leader in storage and materials handling

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