How Does Pick and Pack Distribution Benefit My Business?

The method of pick and pack distribution through a specialist provider is becoming an increasingly popular option. The reasons for this are multi-pronged: it provides a cost-effective, flexible, secure and efficient way of catering for the individual fulfillment needs of businesses, and their customers.

What is Pick and Pack Distribution?

Businesses electing to use a pick and pack distribution provider have their products shipped to a designated, shared warehouse, where they are then stored. These vary in size from very large amounts to small quantities, coming in full or half pallets, individual cases, or single items. When orders are received, the warehouse staff pulls items from their stored location, and then re-packages and distribute as per the customer’s requirements. Although outsourcing pick and pack distribution is a service that is sometimes utilized by large, successful organizations, it is more generally operated by businesses with a smaller clientele base, or those just starting out.

It is Cost-Effective
Setting up a dedicated fulfillment centre is rarely economically feasible for smaller businesses, often causing a real drain on resources. Therefore, outsourcing the pick and pack distribution requirements can prove to be an extremely cost-effective alternative. With many businesses sharing the warehouse space, and the provider’s services, the costs are spread out among everyone, resulting in substantial savings for all involved.

Controlled Inventory
Large, dedicated fulfillment centres offer sophisticated stock management systems, resulting in warehouse space that is well-thought out and organized, helping staff to quickly pinpoint where the stock is, which subsequently speeds up the whole process from start to finish. The fulfillment providers also use detailed inventory techniques, identifying when stock needs replenishing, and notifying customers accordingly; this helps to minimize instances of low or depleted stock.

Provides an Efficient Service
The number one priority for any business is customer satisfaction. A happy, content customer is more likely to provide repeat business and sing their praises to others. Therefore, it is imperative that they not only receive the correct items but that they arrive quickly. Outsourcing is often the best way to ensure this happens, as it involves experienced staff that is able to process orders swiftly, and accurately, taking care to ensure that they are carefully handled, well packaged and clearly labelled. The staff is also adept at handling the demands of a sudden influx of orders, such as during the Christmas period.

Increased Peace of Mind
Outsourcing fulfillment needs means that there is one less thing for a business to worry about. Not only is the pick and pack distribution in the hands of experts, but the items are also stored within a secure environment. The warehouses generally incorporate high levels of security, and coupled with the above mentioned efficient stock monitoring systems; it allows business owners to rest assured in the knowledge that their goods are being well taken care of.

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