Message from the President

Greetings to all of our readers! It’s been great to receive your positive feedback on our monthly blog and newsletters – keep the comments coming we LOVE it!

The Canada Day and US Independence day holidays marked the beginning to the summer in Canada. So many of our friends, customers, and partners are off on their summer vacations, it got me thinking this past week about SAFETY.

While we want everyone to be smart out there while travelling on the highways to be home with your families, it does underscore the need for safety right back here at our FMi home. FMi achieved a great milestone at the end of June.

730+ days without a lost time safety incident:
that’s more than 2 years!

CONGRATULATIONS to our team for their effort day in and day out to keep our facility a safe working environment. Although much of it is a standard day-to-day discipline, one great item stood out for me – our team toured a client facility back in January and found a great safety initiative in place. We asked our client to share some of this program with us, and FMi decided to adopt the program into our facility – BLUE LIGHTS ON ALL OF OUR MATERIALS HANDLING TRUCKS WHILE IN REVERSE.


It may sound basic, but it’s not – the large blue beam as a visual cue, along with the audible alarm while in reverse provides other team members the ability to be so much more aware of our equipment moving throughout the facility. Often in large warehouses, these trucks are moving at speeds equivalent with vehicles out on the road, and we know how many incidents there are out there. We have a strong team working hard every day and we want to be doing everything possible to be going home safely so we can prep with our families for that drive across our land or weekend at the beach.

To you all, enjoy this summer and if you have any new cool safety initiatives, please do share we’d love to hear about them and share with our team.

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