To Our Valued Customers;

Current Situation

  • Extreme burning conditions still exist for some areas of the fire.
  • There are 2,705 firefighters and support staff, 94 helicopters and 236 pieces of heavy equipment battling this fire, with an estimate of about 442 kilometres of dozer guard completed.
  • There are 12 active wildfires in Alberta, with one out of control (Fort McMurray).
  • Wildfire crews from around the world are supporting Alberta’s efforts, including 299 firefighters from South Africa and 41 from Mexico.
  • Fire crews need safe access to airspace. Drones or other airborne devices may not be flown without the approval of the Regional Emergency Operations Centre.
  • Five information centres are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Since voluntary re-entry began on June 1, a total of 31,016 people have visited information centres.
  • Nearly 4,190 vehicles travelled northbound on Highways 63 and 881.
  • Traffic is free flowing on Highways 63 and 881 in northbound and southbound directions, with good driving conditions.
  • RCMP and sheriffs have increased their patrols on routes between Edmonton and Fort McMurray.
  • 511 Alberta continues to be the best source for the latest highway information.

We at FMi like you hope that this “disaster” is quickly contained and that the thousands of families affected are safe and able to start the rebuilding process. We kindly ask that if you have shipments destined to Fort McMurray or oil sands sites that you hold on to them until this disaster is under control and the way has been cleared to safely deliver freight to your customers. Shipments currently in transit will be held at the carrier terminal in Edmonton awaiting a resolution to this emergency situation.

An FMi customer service representative can be reached either by calling our Toll Free number 1-866-723-6660 or their direct line to provide an update. We will watch this disaster moving forward and provide any updates as we receive them.

As always, thanks for your continued support and business.

Executive Team

Fort McMurray Evacuees, NEWS & UPDATES

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